You know those things you mean to do but just never quite get around to?


I somehow always manage to find time for them right before a big test.

This is finals week. My first final is at 7:30 tomorrow morning.
What have I learned?
There are 510 calories in my favorite breakfast sandwich at McDonald’s – the sausage biscuit with egg.
What else have I accomplished?
I updated my friends groups on facebook.
Next on the agenda?
A nice bath, which is going to be exciting because I finally bought new razor blades and body wash.
And after that?
Possibly a nap.
Looking at the title of this post and then reading the post, I am kind of sad for myself. The things I plan to do in life and never quite get to are, to reiterate: research McDonald’s food online, organize my facebook life, take a bath, and nap. I am super lame. And a liar, because some of those things I actually manage to do way too much.
Oh well. Fail.
Since I typed the above, I have talked to Christa about naked celebrities and canoeing, and I researched plane tickets to LA and Vegas.

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