What up?


I hung out with Beth’s babies for several hours today. That’s what up. It did not make me want to have babies immediately, but I am becoming fonder of other people’s babies. That Damien (sp?) is a cutie patootey, and he likes me, and the prerequisite to me liking anybody is usually that they like me first. He is 10 months old, so I was obligated to like him anyway, but I’m glad it was mutual. Some things he enjoyed: being booped while bouncing, being an airplane, turning me into an elevator, and being motorboated.

My own future children will have no idea what it means to be “appropriate.”
And Jordan, who is 4 days old now I think, was pretty cool too, but you know, he just slept a lot and pooped some, because that’s what he’s supposed to do. He is very, very tiny. Like, tiny tiny.
Oh yeah, Beth has babies now. I don’t feel any need to explain this.
Other things that have happened over the last few days:
– I had lunch with my ex-coworker/soon-to-be-insurance-agent, and it was quite enjoyable.
– I had dinner with Eddie and a few friends, who happened to arrive at the restaurant before us, and were sitting at a booth almost right next to my ex-boss’s table, because oh yeah, my ex-boss was there, and naturally the only one I am on bad terms with. That was a strange experience, but not terrible, because he left fairly soon after we arrived, and seeing him made me remember how thankful I am that I don’t have to see him on a regular basis.
– Christa, Beth, Grace and I saw The Lovely Bones after that. It was…not what I would have made it. I feel like if you didn’t read the book, you really couldn’t appreciate it at all, because they weirded it out, and there were sort of symbols and references to things from the book that were never explained. And of course if you did read the book, they changed a lot, which is to be expected, but I don’t feel like the changes they made really added anything to the movie. They just made it weirder. Like, they made Ray older than Susie, whereas he was her age in the book, and then a lot of time passes and Susie comes back in Ruth’s body, which is part of the book, but Susie doesn’t age, because she was dead, so Ray’s like 19 or 20 and Susie’s still essentially a 14-year-old girl in the movie. I felt like a creep watching them kiss at that point. And what purpose did making him older serve? I understood going in that it wouldn’t be the book scene-by-scene, word-for-word, but I just can’t understand the reasoning behind things like that.
– Yesterday we went to Louise’s and Fatso’s to celebrate/mourn the fact that Angela is going back to Cyprus on Wednesday, I believe. I had a good time, but man, I was exhausted. I don’t function on 6 hours of sleep the way I used to. I fell asleep in the bathtub for an hour before we went out. Hopefully we’ll have one last dinner with Angela before she goes.
I think that covers most the bases of my current life. Tomorrow is MLK Day, so no school. Just work from 2 to 7ish. Then the real days start. My schedule is pretty much 11 to 7 between work and school, which is nice. It’s late enough that I won’t feel like death every morning (it’s been so nice to not start off every morning by thinking, “Fuck, I want to shoot myself.” I’m not exactly a morning person). And I’m done early enough that I still have a good chunk of the evening left, especially since I can stay up until 2 and still get 8 hours in. And in a couple of months it will actually be light when I leave work, and that will be magnificent. I also have some decent breaks between classes, so I have either chill time or homework time built into my schedule.
God, I love my life. I haven’t felt like an unhappy person overall since my first couple of years of college, when everything made me bitter and nobody understood how hard it was to be me and I worked so hard and got so little out of it and the world was just so unfair. And then I got over myself for the most part, but most of last year was me being this very happy person with one dark cloud hanging over my head, and since I said fuck that cloud in September, I am experiencing disgusting levels of bliss that I never even knew existed. It makes for boring blogging, but it makes for a very happy me.

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