I guess nationalism > humanism


I don’t understand people who get all pissy when an American* gives money or time to aid another country or adopts a child from a foreign country. I’ve heard some “good” people complain about all the money being donated to Haiti – how can we send our money to another country, when there are homeless people here?

To my knowledge, our homeless population is not trapped under a pile of rubble. It is a terrible thing that we have so many homeless people, don’t get me wrong. But the fact that we have homeless people doesn’t make a tragedy like the earthquake in Haiti any less tragic. If you prefer to keep your money in the United States, then do it. Don’t try to make other people feel like they don’t love their country though because they gave money to help another HUMAN.
Same thing with adoption. It really irks me when people comment about foreign adoptions by saying, “We have orphans in America too, you know.” People are people. Children are CHILDREN. How can you put a higher value on one child than another, just because of the country they live in? I didn’t choose where I was born. I am very thankful to have been born in the United States, but I don’t think it made me more worthy of love than any child born in any other country. Yes, I want American children to be adopted too. But if someone is going through the daunting task of taking someone else’s child into their home and raising them as their own, I think that is a very admirable thing, regardless of which country the child came from. And the same thing applies – if you deem that American children actually are more important, go adopt an American child. I’ve never seen any naysayers actually go through the adoption process and put their money and time and love where their mouth is.
I am all for loving your country, but loving your country doesn’t have to mean hating every other country and the people in it. I live here by a chance of fate, I guess. Years and years and years ago, some French people and Scots-Irish people and other random Europeans came to America and had some babies that would eventually mate and turn into my great-grandparents and grandparents and mother. And some Hmong guy came from Laos to date my mother for several years before knocking her up and leaving, and from that, came me. I am the product of several people from other countries coming here and spreading their seed. And I don’t think the story is especially different for most American-born people. For most of us, our generations in America only go back a few hundred years. And none of us had a say in it.
We are taught from early childhood how lucky we are to live here, in the land of opportunity, as opposed to some third-world country where they don’t even have clean water. We are taught how our ancestors came here on boats and brought a new country to become a super power. And the lesson taken is that the mere fact that we live here, and they live there, makes us infinitely superior, and people who were not born here should fuck off and stay home. Our ancestors came here in search of a better life, and yours didn’t, so hey, snooze you lose, no room left in this inn, suckas.
Fuck which countries have corrupt governments and which countries’ governments hate our government. This isn’t about government. This isn’t about nationalism. This is about people helping people for the sake of people. People. Not countries. PEOPLE, damn it! If you can’t see past a person’s race or origins enough to feel any kind of empathy for them when they are going through a crisis, maybe you need to re-evaluate your own worth of a human being. This isn’t a send-money-to-foreign-countries plea or a go-adopt-an-African-baby plea. It is just a blog by a girl who is angry that some people will always find a way piss all over any good deed someone else does.
And off my soapbox I go.
*I’m speaking about Americans, because obviously I live in America, and this is what I know, though I am sure the overall concept exists in other countries as well.

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