But you !!!! so good I’m on top of it


Can you tell I wasn’t in the best of moods yesterday?

While I stand by what I said yesterday, I admit I had a “crazy bitch” day out of nowhere. Exhibit A: Eddie wanted to order Pizza Hut, but I didn’t want it, because we just had it a few days earlier. When I provided no alternative options, he said he was ordering it, and I could either eat it or get something else. So I exhaled loudly and said I’d order it. Then he told me to get it with sausage and jalapeños. Well, it was a 3-topping pizza for $10, and he’d already chosen two of the three, and I had to choose between pepperoni and mushrooms for the third topping instead of having both. So I cried.
Hmm. Haven’t had one of those days in a long time (however, it seems I usually end up here when I do…).
My homework is piling up, and it was Sunday, meaning Monday was lurking around the corner, and the Chiefs game stressed me out the whole time (though we did win), and my fantasy teams all sucked again, and I read some things I knew I shouldn’t have, and my brain went crazy. I’m feeling way more sane today, even though I still have a lot to do. Let’s hope there’s no more crying over lack of pepperoni again for a long time. (I chose mushrooms.)

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  1. I cry over food decisions all the time… but I just blame it on the fetus. Having to choose between toppings is a totally justifiable reason for the water works 🙂

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