Post-Thanksgiving Post


Yesterday was Thanksgiving, and I had an especially nice one. I haven’t really had a bad Thanksgiving in a long time, but I really enjoyed yesterday. My family got along, dinner was delicious and ready right after we arrived, and I won a game of Uno. I like being around my family a lot, just not during squabbles.

Eddie and I saw the movie Tangled, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I read the other day that Disney is going to be shifting its focus away from princesses and toward more boy-oriented movies, which, I guess maybe I could understand if I were a boy, but I’m not. One of the previews was for a movie about a boy whose mom is abducted my martians, because the martians need moms to take care of the martian children? Dumb. If that is what attracts boys, it explains a lot about them.

Anyway, Tangled was super cute and made both Eddie and me laugh several times, especially at Maximus, official Best Horse Ever.

After that, we stopped by his uncle’s house, where his parents were spending Thanksgiving. I was still stuffed from dinner with my family several hours ago, and could only manage to share a bowl of pozole and one tamale. ONE tamale. I love tamales to an extremely unhealthy level, so that says a lot. We got to bring some home, and when I had room around two in the morning I scarfed down three or four more. And I paid for that with a pretty bad stomach ache this morning, but it’s ok now.

I spent the conclusion of my Thanksgiving at home with Eddie, Juan and Beth. And I forced Jack into a photobooth session with me. He was not happy about it.

It's tolerable at first

Then it gets a little weird

And I spend most of the rest of our session mocking him for being a drama puss

Out of control!

I'm a terrible kitty mother.

And Jack finally just gives up struggling.

Oh yeah. What I’m thankful for: the way things have worked out. I am not necessarily who I thought I’d become when I was younger, or in the place I thought I’d be, but I’m happy with the person I am now, and I’m extremely thankful for the people in my life who are certainly the reason I can say that. They make me the best version of me I can be, which is the happiest version.


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