2013. such goodbye. very new year. wow.


Well, I may be horrible at remembering to post these days, but I do still feel obligated to do a recap of 2013, because, if nothing else one day it will be fun to look back on this blog and see a recap of all the past years.

2013 began at George and Jordan’s (for us at least). My hair was really long and ugly. I love my hair when it is long to a point, and then one day it just looks like it doesn’t belong on my head. It’s like a wig, but less fun, because it’s not a wig. So that’s what I remember most about New Year’s Eve. Bad hair.


Long hair, do care.

I fell asleep on the couch not too long after midnight, as I do at most parties. At least I made it longer than George, who tried to go to bed before midnight.

If you are wondering about my hair, I cut it right at the beginning of the year.

Hello, bob.

Hello, bob.

The girls and I had our annual Christmas party in January again, due to December being a little too hectic. Joann drew my name, and I made out like a bandit, because she had been couponing. In addition to getting the coffee maker I wanted, she also gave me a Chiefs trash can (necessary) and a bunch of hand soap and detergent. Score!

Eddie had a birthday. I honestly don’t remember what we did for it. It must have been awesome. His birthday always sucks, because it gets lost after Christmas, and the weather is always bad. I checked my calendar to see what we did, and I have a Saturday marked off for Eddie and George’s joint birthday party, but I’m fairly certain that never happened.

I also don’t remember Valentine’s Day, but we probably watched a movie and ate food, because that’s usually our V-Day preference.

I worked like crazy at the beginning of the year. It was depressing. Dark when I left for work. Dark when I got home. We were so busy, I routinely worked until the lights went out. And then I worked in the dark. The one perk of this dark cloud over my life is that I did a lot of retail therapy, in the form of watches, purses and jackets.


My best memories of early 2013 are Thursday nights at Minsky’s. We didn’t go every Thursday, but quite a few, because the Papa Minsky’s pizza was on special, and they have good deals on Boulevard pitchers. I was so stressed from work, and those fat, giggly nights with Eddie were my saving grace.


We also got a lot of snow in February, which resulted in a couple of days off work and these creepy snowpeople that I made with Beth.


Yes, that is a jalapeño nose.

By the time my birthday rolled around, things were still pretty bad at work, but I do remember having a birthday miracle, which was a much needed slow day. And my awesome coworkers bought me silly gifts, which brightened my day and my desk.



My cousin Amber had her first baby, Cambria, on May 22nd. I went straight to the hospital after work, thinking she would have had the baby already, and Cambria didn’t show up until around 10:00 that night. I drank a lot of free coffee and hung out with my mom and sister in the waiting room.



May 25th was the busiest day of the year. Eddie was a groomsman in Doug and Tanairi’s wedding, so that was the beginning of our day. Then we had to rush to his youngest sister’s quinceañera, where we were padrinos. Then we split ways, and I went to Jen’s bachelorette party, and he went to Tony’s graduation party. It was also Norah’s birthday party and Jack’s adoption day.

IMG_5777 IMG_5792


I gave Norah her birthday present a little late.



We saw the Lumineers (and lots of other bands) at Buzz Under the Stars in June. I was so excited for that night, because I thought lying on a blanket under the stars in June sounded like the best idea ever. It might have been if it hadn’t been a random cold, rainy day and if the people around us were capable of going more than 10 minutes without a cigarette. It kind of ruined the mood. But by the time the Lumineers came on, we’d found Jen and Mikki and their crew, and they were in a less smokey area, and we bundled up in blankets and enjoyed the show.

Jen and Jeff got married the next week. The weather cooperated that day, the location was beautiful, and so was the bride. Aimee and I danced a lot that night.



We spent the 4th of July swimming at George and Jordan’s and then went to the T-Bones game. I finally got Eddie to go to a game with me. All it took were $1 beers.



Eddie went to the Ozarks with the guys for a weekend in July. It was my first time home alone for a whole weekend in years. I did nothing. Just hung out with Heidi and Jack.

Abby, Aimee, Beth, Christa and I went to see the Little Mermaid at Starlight Theatre. It was mostly full of little girls, but you could tell we were not the only ones looking to indulge our inner children.



I started prepping for a new job with my former supervisor/current friend/mentor over the summer in hopes of finding another job within the company. I’d been in my position for a little over two years, and it was time to do something else. A job position in Aimee’s department opened up right before we went on vacation, so I submitted my resume before we left, and I accepted a phone call to schedule my phone interview in the bathroom of the hotel in Chicago. I had my phone interview in the parking garage of Navy Pier, and I interviewed in-person my first day back at work. Thankfully, I got it, otherwise that stress during vacation would not have been worth it.

I just posted about Chicago, so I won’t add too much, but while we were there, we did try to reenact a wedding photo of us high-fiving in front of Michael Jordan’s statue. Here’s the original:



And here are our failed attempts:







We are the worst.

Not too long after getting back from Chicago and Cedar point, I left again to go to Hermann for annual wine tasting with some of the ladies.


Near the beginning of the day


The result of the day. Moral of the story: do not let Neidig sisters piggy back you. Or do, because it’s fun until they drop you.

On September 24th, Christa, despite her tiny pelvis, gave birth to baby Liam.



And I started training for my new job on October 1st. Training is the best, because we are actually trained in classrooms, and it’s like being paid to go to college as opposed to being paid to do actual work or paying to go to college. If I could train forever, I would. But, if I have to work, I do like my new job, and so far it is so much better than what I was doing before. I can actually leave at a normal time again, and I don’t have stress dreams about work every night. I did dream that I got shot last night, and I willed myself to stay alive for Eddie’s sake. Still a better dream than work dreams.

The girls and I did our annual Chiefs game in October as well, and we won, because the Chiefs win games this year! Our first (and hopefully not last) playoff game is this Saturday. It’s been an amazing turnaround from last year, and it’s been a nice reminder of why football is my favorite sport. It can be tough being a KU fan and a Chiefs fan when you like football.

Thanksgiving and Christmas were about the norm, which is a good thing. We enjoyed time spent with family and friends. We also spent the past few days using our many gift cards we received. We’ve been incredibly unhealthy.

And below are a few recap pictures from throughout the year.


1425612_10101739138669129_1136613280_n IMG_6715 IMG_6672 IMG_5766IMG_5963 IMG_5843IMG_5888IMG_5577IMG_6136IMG_6588

To sum up 2013: it came in like a lion and went out like a lamb. I’m happier than I was when the year started. I guess I kind of kept my resolution to do something besides watch TV, because I crocheted like seven or eight scarves, so that’s something.

And 2013 gave us my favorite meme: doge.


In 2014, my resolution is to be a better version of myself. That should always go without saying. But sometimes I am a worse version of myself. I want to be more thoughtful, spend more time doing good, build some muscle, break bad habits and be a positive source of energy for the people around me.


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